Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pride & Joy | Utah Child Portrait Photographer

I love my boys. Do they drive me crazy? YES! Do the suck out all of my energy? YES!! Do I look forward to bed time every night? YES!!! Do I also love it when they wake up in the morning? Yes. These three little dudes are my life. I love seeing the world through their eyes. Each one of them has such a unique personality and I love it. I feel truly blessed to be their mother and I hope that I can do my best so these three little dudes will grow up to be amazing wonderful men.

The weather was perfect tonight for a walk up Yellow Fork Canyon in Herriman. It's a small canyon, but a fun one. The light was gorgeous, the colors amazing, and the subjects were the best part of all. I don't ask them to pose. All I said was that I wanted to take some pictures of them and they did the rest. "Mom! Come take my picture." "Mom! Take my picture again." "Mom, let me see." It was a great evening.

Cooper's Hawk

I mean look at that light!


Turkey Feather

My three muchkins

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