Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

Tonight we went to a local farm to get some pumpkins! It was a lot of fun and a place we'll visit again. It always makes me happy inside to support a local farmer. The place we went to sells jams, eggs, meat, salsa and lots of produce. I'm going to have to stop there more often . . . Anyway, we had our niece Hailey with us - no she's not ours, don't be alarmed. Lincoln got to pick out a nice "smooth" one and Dustin picked out a fun "warty" one. Afterwards we went to a Chinese restaurant that was pretty good - fun family night!

 That's REALLY the color of these pumpkins, cool huh?

 I tried to get Lincoln to give me an "ewww face" next to this "warty" pumpkin - this is what I got.
 Hailey posing next to the pumpkins.

 Hailey is happy, she found a feather.
 Gotta love the look on Dustin's face. This is what I got when I asked him to hold up the pumpkin.

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