Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lincoln + Airplanes

Last Christmas, Lincoln got a flight jacket from his grandparents. It's the COOLEST jacket and I doubt it'll last all winter because it's getting small. I had planned earlier to take Lincoln to an airport so I could do a photo shoot with him in his jacket. Today, in Roy the Hill Aerospace Museum had a food donation drive AND for bringing food you could get up inside of several airplanes. Dustin has wanted to do this, so it was the perfect opportunity! It's soooo much harder getting your own child to cooperate in front of the camera . . . I had Dustin try and help, but it was just frustrating. However, I feel we got some good ones!

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SarahMichelle said...

That is so cute. :) I love it! You're great at capturing pictures, Trish!