Friday, December 10, 2010

New Logo Contest!

I need help! I'm not so good at designing logos, but I NEED one! This where YOU come in. Starting today, the 10th of December until January 10th, I will be having a logo contest. Email me a small JPEG file, big enough for me to see but not TOO big (don't worry, I won't steal any of your hard work). The WINNER will get their choice of either a FREE mini photo session (half an hour and up to 30 pictures on a CD) OR a $50 giftcard to Amazon. I will announce the winner on my blog on the 11th of January (one day before my BIRTHDAY!). Once the winner has been chosen, I will email you about your info AND I will need you to send me a larger copy of the logo.

As far as what I'm looking for logo-wise, I need something simple (no swirly-twirly fonts), sophisticated, modern and professional. It will be used for my blog, watermarks, and any letterheads/business cards that I need. I also prefer the color to be either black, white or gray. I may have you send me a copy in a couple different colors if you're the winner.

Anyway, GOOD LUCK and may the force by with you!

p.s. my email address is

*** MOST IMPORTANT - I can't believe I forgot! It needs to say "Captured by Tricia Photography" ***

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Johnathan said...

I submitted a logo. When are the results going to be submitted to you blog or via email?