Friday, January 16, 2015

Backyard Shinanigans | Utah Child Photographer

On a cold smoggy day in Utah, three little boys needed some exercise. The older two dressed in their favorite action hero costumes and headed out to the backyard. The youngest, a smart one year old, got both of his moms shoes out of her closet and put them on his mother (as best he could) and then drug out a super hero costume for himself. He held it up to his mom and in the cutest one year old grunt, explained he wanted to put this on and join his older brothers in the backyard. The mother understanding that this would be a great photo opp, grabbed her camera, the one year old, and headed outside. The following pictures are evidence of the daily craziness and cuteness that surrounds her.

Trying to get all three to pose and look at the camera is like asking for clean air in Utah winter's :)

Enid or should I say, the Supervillian K-9?

Is that an Ironman dress? No, no it's just about a million sizes too big. But he doesn't seem to mind ...

No animals or children were hurt in the making of these pictures.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kids Will Be Kids! | Utah Child Photographer

I wish I could call these pictures the "Bloopers" but they pretty much ALL turned out like this. My three boys and their two cousins were all together so we "tried" to take their pictures at the park yesterday. I dare you to look through these and NOT laugh. Call me crazy, but I LOVE these pictures, because it shows who they are. They posed smiling pictures that are so perfect are not true representations of most kids (not all), but definitely not mine. My youngest is missing from most of these because he was screaming his head off the whole time.
 Oh well ...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Rock Climbing and Stuff | Utah Family Photographer

For Lincoln's 7th birthday he got rock climbing lessons from his grandma Lisa. His aunt Melissa had given him a harness the previous Christmas. He did pretty good, although he showed a fear of heights that I didn't think he had. He scales trees with no problem, but I guess hanging onto a wall several feet up and can be a bit scarier.

He preferred to climb without shoes, crazy kid.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Lopez Family | Utah Family Photographer

I have been friends with the lovely mother/wife of this cute family for many years. We were college roommates back in the day. They have had and currently have several family businesses that have allowed them to move around. Luckily for me :) they moved to the Salt Lake Valley recently. My friend Tasha is the sweetest person you could meet. She's always happy and pretty easy going. The whole family is great!