Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lake Powell 2015 Part II

There was so much swimming. Lots of bugs. Daring fish that would nibble on you (they had teeth, it wasn't fun). There was fighting between the kids. A scary experience involving a houseboat, a rock, and 1-2 people being wedged between said rock and boat (everyone is okay). Stinky bathrooms and hot summer nights. A wind and rain storm during the early morning hours as we slept atop the boat. Coyotes howling, bats buzzing, and a friendly duck that just wanted to share in our meals. There were tears, a few swears, and lots of laughter.

Not sure what animal this was. Rabbit? Large bird? Mythical creature?

My brave boy paddle boarding.

The nasty little blue gills that kept biting everyone. Dustin caught 5 of them. Don't worry we put them back.

Lincoln doing a dance.

On a nature walk collecting rocks.

Everyone all cozy under the canopy after a windy and rainy night.

Our friend the duck, lovingly named Marco Polo.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lake Powell Part I

My amazing in-laws sent all of the family on a week-long vacation to Lake Powell this last week. We stayed on a houseboat, drove a speed boat around, played in the water, took nature walks, slept on the roof of the boat, and ate lots of great food. It was a great trip! I've never been to Lake Powell, it's so beautiful. I couldn't stop taking pictures, so yeah you guessed it - there's a million of them.

Anyone looking to stay in a motel straight out of a horror movie? Come to the Hanksville Inn.

Got to check Facebook.

Man-eating carp.

Our home for the week.

Possibly my favorite picture.

Time for relaxation.

I'm king of the world!

We can't always be happy.

Captain Dustin.

The view from on top.

Do you see what I see? There's an owl in there somewhere.

I believe there was dancing going on here. Either that or the adults are turning into zombies.

Beautiful spot.

Grandma paddle boarding.